French artist based in Brussels, Tina shines from many facets like a cristal prism.
Graduated from the Visual Arts of higher learning of Monaco in 2013, she has been working with many different fields such as scenography and visual communication in addition of her drawing, painting and video making practice.
She has been lucky to work with great companies like the Iceland Dance Company, the Monte Carlo Dance Company, the Théâtre Poème in Brussels, and lately with Oper Leipzig.
By this way she got closer to the performing arts world and more especially dance.
This environnement inspires her a lot, pluridisciplinarity scenography is offering increase her taste to experimentation and mixed media. Then she also expand her skills to other fields of creation like tattooing, jewels design and scale model fabrication amongst others. From all these different mediums remains a common thought about nature and poetry, providing a joyful melancholic look at the world.

Instagram : @mamimamitina